Suzhou’s Wedding Gown Street and Market

Suzhou’s Wedding Gown Street has other names as Suzhou Wedding Dress Market, Suzhou Tiger Hill Wedding Street. The street is so close to Tiger Hill and Shantang Street that it would be worthwhile taking the Shantang Street Boat Trip, and then walking around the street of weddings.

Suzhou has a significant wedding dress market attracting couples from all over the country, even from abroad. The market actually is based predominately along a street near Tiger Hill, with more than 700 wedding related outlets. It is the centre of wedding dress designing, manufacturing and merchandising. There are thousands of wedding dresses, evening dresses, and bridal dress, all at competitive prices. In fact, the dresses are half of what you would pay in Shanghai. In addition, these workshops can tailor dresses in one or two hours based on the customer’s needs, meaning a bride can really find her dream dress. If you are planning to buy a wedding dress, then Suzhou has everything you could possibly dream of.

When to visit
Suzhou’s wedding gown street (Chinese Name:苏州婚纱一条街,江苏省苏州市金阊区虎丘风景区正大门) is best visited in Spring or Fall, when the city enjoys the mildest weather of the year. Winters would be a second choice — Suzhou gets more rain than snow this time of year, but there are only a few below-freezing days. If you absolutely must come in the summer, don’t ever leave home without your UV-protective umbrella (available for purchase at any major supermarket in China, and highly advised for a city that, last summer, had temperatures topping 42 degrees Celsius).

Suzhou Wedding Gown Street and Market Entrance

Suzhou Wedding Gown Street and Market Entrance

In ancient China, there were many traditional wedding customs. With the passing of time, many of these traditions have changed gradually, especially in the cities.
Nowadays, Chinese people combine traditional wedding customs with modern elements, creating a new fashion for weddings in China. Now, most couples desire to have a tailor-made wedding to emphasize the most important day of their lives. As a result, weddings in China have become a major event and the main focus becomes the wedding dresses for the brides.

Established in the late 1980s around an already thriving local silk industry, Suzhou’s wedding market quickly outsized older markets in Guangzhou and Chaozhou with low prices as its main draw.

Brides from across China have been known to flock here for frocks that cost just RMB 200 (US$30) to RMB 2,000 (US$305) apiece.
Getting there

The area is a well-known tourist attraction and hence a breeze to get to by taxi. Tell the driver to head to “wedding dress street” near Tiger Hill (婚纱街, 靠近虎丘)and the 10-minute ride from Suzhou Railway Station should cost about RMB 10 to 15.

Local bus routes 1 and 2 also run to Tiger Hill from the station (RMB 2 each way) but take twice as long as it has to crawl through downtown Suzhou.

By train. Go to Shanghai Station (that’s the main station — not to be confused with Shanghai South Station), where you can purchase train tickets to Suzhou. Buy yours at one of the automated kiosks there, especially for the high-speed trains. Don’t worry about tickets being sold out — there are so many trains going to Suzhou every day, it’s impossible not to get a seat. The trip from Shanghai to Suzhou takes a little under one hour.

By plane. Suzhou has no airport, so your best option is in Shanghai. Hopefully, you’ll fly through Hongqiao Airport, the closest airport located in the West of Shanghai — because the other choice, Pudong Airport, leaves you 45 minutes East of downtown Shanghai alone. Either way, you’ll need to catch a train to Suzhou (see “By train” below for details). Shanghai’s subway system now serves both airports, and has links to major train stations, but taxis (at least 100 to 120 RMB) might be the choice for the weary, overburdened traveler.

Once you arrive in Suzhou, the most comfortable way to the Suzhou Wedding Gown Street is by taxi (~20 to 25 RMB) — but you can also get there by taking a bus to Tiger Hill (tourist buses Y1 and Y2 from the train station).


Tips for buying gowns in Suzhou Tiger Hill Wedding Gown Street and Market

Decide if quality or budget is your priority, as that helps to determine where to start your search.

Stores along the main road tend to have pricier dresses (RMB 800-2,000) made of higher quality fabrics with neater hems while prices in stores along the back alleys are much lower (RMB 200-800), but could end up looking cheap.

A general way to gauge a shop’s prices is to look at how well furnished its interior is.

As the bulk of business for shops here come from making wholesale trades rather than from walk-in customers, store assistants tend to be less pushy and starting prices tend to be much less of a hike from the real price.

The easiest is to buy what’s on display — and most stores have so many ways to do flowing chiffon, silk, taffeta and more that even the fussiest foreign woman will eventually find a gown she loves. But if you have a design in mind, have them do a tailor-made dress — just be sure to bring a photo or drawing of what you want, and choose a store with a basic design similar to your dream gown. Prices range from around 200 RMB for simple dresses up to 400 or 500 RMB for tailor made designs (such as my own bridal gown). And, since many stores also sell qipaos and evening gowns (most brides in China wear three dresses at their wedding), you can do all of your wedding dress shopping in one place.

gowns in Suzhou Tiger Hill

gowns in Suzhou Tiger Hill

Whatever your choice, begin by browsing the stores, with an eye for styles you love. You don’t need to bargain right away, and you shouldn’t. Give yourself time to know the stores, and know what’s available. Then, when you come upon something gossamer and gorgeous, make a note to come back.

Sometimes, though, it takes a seemingly exhaustive “tour” of the wedding gown street before you’ve found the perfect match. That’s what happened to me — it was the last store that had styles similar to the dream gown I had in mind (and thank goodness, because I almost though my “dream” was dashed forever in a pile of boring gowns).

Once you find the perfect one, bargain, bargain, bargain. The asking price is often twice what you should pay, so never accept the first offer. And remember — the price should include a bridal veil and gloves.

You can relax and take a moment to ponder the next step — how to make your friends at home jealous over such a great deal on a wedding dress.
Tour spots near Suzhou Wedding Dress Market
After walking down the aisles of Suzhou’s wedding gown street, you might consider taking in some of the city’s more traditional delights, such as nearby Tiger Hill, or even one of the famed gardens (Master of the Nets is a personal favorite).
Chinese Vocabulary
婚纱 hūn shā White gown
虎丘婚纱一条街 hǔ qiū hūn shā yī tiáo jiē Tiger Hill “Wedding Street”
凤凰 fēng huáng phoenix
吉祥的 jí xiáng dē auspicious




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  1. Ashling McLaughlin says:

    ToDay I received a dress from tiger hill wedding dress huqiu road Suzhou city, I did not send for this dress and believe it was sent to me by accident,please get in contact with me ASAP thank you


  2. agnes anakitende says:

    please connect me to people who design nice gowns from good fabrics i have a bridal shop in Uganda and i want to partner with them

  3. Lynn says:

    Anyone has contact for wedding gown supply at suzhou pls let me know.. Looking for wholesaler or dressmaker from china :)


  4. florence says:

    I would like to find good suppliers of customised wedding dresses. Price is not the biggest issue but it must be with high and promised quality.
    Please contact me.

  5. David says:

    Hi , I am coming to chaina soon 2/4/13 and I want to buy wedding dresses and accessories , can you recommend or contact me to good factoty?thank you!

  6. stella says:

    i am coming into china next month thru shanghai pudong i have never been there before,can you give me a detailed description to suzhou,and a hotel where i can stay

    • How many days will you stay in Suzhou.
      And what about your budget?

      • stella says:

        i am actually a bridal shop owner and wish to purchase and if possible sew bridal gowns of good i plan to stay for four days,do you think thats ok.i would also want to know if i can find shops that make dresses with high quality lace fabric,if not where can i buy the lace fabric from.can you also suggest any good bridal budget for hotel is about 150rmb per night

  7. Mandy Harvey says:

    I am comming to Suzhou in April and looking for evening dresses and wedding dresses for our business. We might also want to have a dress or two made?

  8. mariam says:

    Can you please connect to people who make good wedding dresses, flower girl dresses and brides maid with quality fabric and good designs as i have a shop in the uk and kampala.

  9. Tricia says:

    Hi we were in Suzhou last week on a tour and tour director would not let us look at any of the shops. Could you put me in touch with someone that makes evening dresses with quality fabrics (that also speaks english) I would like to order a dress for my daughter.

    Thanks so much – what we saw of Suzhou it looks like a neat place to visit.

  10. jonathan says:

    i am visiting china soon, i want to start a bridal retail store in nigeria, can you pls connect me with a factory that can make very good quality wedding gowns, little brides and accessories with good price i want to make them as my manufacturer.
    English speaking is important.
    I will be waiting for your response in my email box pls.

  11. pleroma says:


    I will be coming to China and plan to visit Suzhou to get some wedding dresses. Please tell me the quickest way to get there from Guangzhou and whether I can find a tour guide who speaks English.


    • Take a fligt from Guangzhou to Shanghai, and then take a train/bus from Shanghai to Suzhou.
      At Suzhou railway station, you can take a taxi to Huqiu wedding dress market.

  12. Kendra says:

    I will be in China in late July to teach English. I am getting married in the fall and would like to have my dress tailor made for me while I am in China and am planning to visit Suzhou. My budget is $500 US and am looking for a nice lace gown. I cannot buy off the rack because I am 6ft tall and a size 14 US. I have heard that the tailors are very talented at copying a pattern or item of clothing. But will they be able to make it from scratch? Will the tailors have a pattern that will fit my height? Will I be successful if I don’t speak Mandarin?
    I have so many questions. Thank you so much for any information you can provide!!

    • $500 is absolutely enough for a lace gown.
      You can go to wedding gown street and market near Huqiu(Chinese:虎丘) to find some store to make one.
      There are a lot of stores for you choose.

  13. Laura says:

    Is there a way to contact someone in Suzhou who customizes wedding dresses?
    I have the picture of the dress (qipao style) and I need someone to make it for me. I have been to Suzhou wedding street before and that’s not what I am seeking for..

  14. jamila anita says:

    am used to coming to china but have never been to suzhou how i do i get there, can i get someone i can pay to pick me from the airport because i know without a name card of where u want to go in china its very difficult because most the taxi dont understand english, are there cargo company that can shiip my goods to african from suzhou. really want to know soon . thanks

    • You can take a train from Shanghai Hongqiao airport to Suzhou, about 40 RMB.
      Yes, there are cargo companies that can send your goods to Africa.
      If you can not speak Chinese, I recommend you to hire a interpreter.

  15. LKB says:


    I just started a wedding gown business. Is there any recommendations / contacts for good tailors in Suzhou that can custom made gowns by just showing them pictures? Coz if yes, I plan to make a trip to suzhou can look for the tailors and may be collaborate with them and work some thing out with them as a long term business.

  16. sam says:

    hello am sam from Mauritius I would like to know some agent who can do my shipping and about the wedding dress prices..wait for your reply.thanks

  17. Elisa says:

    Are these stores open on Sunday?? I live in Shanghai, would like to go there and take a look, but I can only go there on weekends :(

  18. amy says:

    Hello! Actually I live in Beijing and I would like to go and visit this market in suzhou but do they work during spring festival because i was thinking to use this period of time to visit?

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