Suzhou Expat

If you’re living and working in Suzhou, or other nearby cities, you have probably made your own conclusions about Suzhou.

A Suzhou expatriate is defined as a holder of a non-Chinese passport.

Would you like to work, live, move to Suzhou? Or just to find out how is life in Suzhou? We’ve got much better than travel brochures, read blogs written by expatriates living in Suzhou!

To get yourself prepared for an in-depth tour around Suzhou, do your homework carefully before setting off.

If you want to be Expatriate Travelers. Yet, there is always more to be discovered in this Suzhou ancient and beautiful city. The more you know about Suzhou, the more you’ll feel blessed about spending a few years here!

And if you are ill, and want to have good health care, please visit: Good Expat-Friendly Hospitals in Suzhou

The objective of this post is to provide opportunities for Suzhou expats to participate in social, cultural, sporting and educational activities in Suzhou.  In addition expats have opportunities to learn about Suzhou, the surrounding area, China and Chinese Culture.

If you want to learn more about Suzhou, please visit this website more.




A Suzhou native.

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  1. Laurence says:

    Hi.I am applying for a job at the university in Soochow
    are there many expat teachers there?
    what about an expat community in the city??

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