Department of International Cooperation andExchange (ICE) serves as a window of communication with the outside world. Itcombines functions such as planning, organizing and carrying out internationalcooperation and exchange work for the university, coordinates internationalexchange activities and supports all the colleges and departments in developingvarious activities related to international cooperation and exchangeactivities. All the staff is striving to promote our University's internationalinfluence and to establish its status in the field of education throughextensive programs in academic exchange and cooperation. The main responsibilitiesof ICE are as follows:

  1. Establishing cooperativerelationships, negotiating and signing cooperation and exchange agreements withforeign institutions, academic societies;

  2. Taking care of dispatchingofficial visits abroad, pre-visit training, and collecting the results;

  3. AG捕鱼下载Conducting external publicitywork, including the establishment of the English-language website, the compilationof brochures, and the organization of external publicity activities;

  4. Expanding, organizing,coordinating and implementing international cooperation programs of theUniversity;

  5. AG捕鱼下载Planning and organizing variousinternational academic seminars and large-scale international conferences;

  6. Proposing the annual budgets onforeign affairs, and auditing the fund usage;

  7. Hiring foreign experts;

  8. AG捕鱼下载Selecting, finalizing anddispatching University-sponsored visiting scholars;

  9. Supervising and managing allforms of international cooperation and exchange activities of the University,establishing work procedures and setting regulations to guarantee the regularfunction of international cooperation and activities.


Du Baishun

Post: Director




Yang Yisha



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