Weinan Normal University (WNU) is located in Weinan city, a 40-minute   drive from Xi'an, in eastern Shaanxi province. With a long history and rich   culture, Weinan is home not only to the beautiful legends of Cangjie – creator   of the Chinese characters - and Dukang, the wine-maker, but it is also the   location of the famous Weihua Uprising. The land has always fostered outstanding   figures, such as Chinese medical pioneer Sun Simiao, Han Dynasty historian Sima   Qian, Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi, patriotic General Yang Hucheng, and Chinese   revolutionists Liu Zhidan and Xi Zhongxun.

   WNU offers undergraduate   Bachelor's Degrees and it also cooperates with different colleges and   universities to train/cultivate masters and doctoral candidates. Some   prestigious and respected provincial leaders, academicians and well-known   experts and scholars are invited as the president consultants. There are 1,198   staff members, including 879 full-time teachers. Thirty-five percent of the   staff are professors and associate professors. More than 52 percent of the staff   have earned Master's degrees and more than 23 percent have Doctoral   degrees.

   A group of influential Weihua Scholars and Academic Backbone   Teachers are an integral part of the university's faculty. Among them are   prominent experts who have earned special awards for outstanding contributions   to the scientific progress, Ph.D. supervisors, government-supported experts,   provincial "Three Five" talents, and provincial teaching masters. Weihua   Scholars are leaders in discipline and academic research at the university,   while Academic Backbone Teachers are the university's academic   standard-bearers.

               WNU possesses modern teaching and research   equipment worth more than 100 million RMB and 1.72 million volumes in the   library. The University consists of eight disciplines, including science,   literature, engineering, history, management, education, economics and law. It   includes 10 secondary colleges, 29 teaching departments and 48 majors. The   college has an increasingly comprehensive disciplinary structure and features   students from 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Currently, there are   16,216 full-time students in the university, which has a 867,700-square-meter   campus.

               The university puts a strong emphasis on the discipline   construction. Currently, it offers numerous special courses at the national and   provincial level. Among these are innovative experimental courses, bilingual   teaching demonstration courses, experimental teaching demonstration centers, and   provincial-level teaching teams. In addition, it offers research centers focused   on the Development of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Early   Revolutionary Activities of the CPC in Shaanxi Province, Cooperative   Military-Civilian Technological Development, Chinese Thought and Culture,   Eastern Shaanxi History and Culture, Number Theory, Mathematics and Applied   Mathematics. It also features laboratories studying the Ecology of the Wei, Luo   and Yellow Rivers and Digital Media Art. The University offers Technology   Centers focused on Equipment Engineering, Optical Quantum Information   Engineering, Composite Materials Engineering and Electrical Engineering.   Additionally, it hosts the Shaanxi Institute of SME Management. Teaching and   research faculty have undertaken or are undertaking projects funded by the   National Social Science Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation, National   Soft Science Research Projects, National Science Foundation Projects for   Post-Doctoral Fellows, and numerous national, provincial and local projects.   They have won the national and provincial awards for high-level teaching and   scientific research, including the Award for Philosophy and Social Science   Outstanding Achievement, Science and Technology Award, Science and Technology   Progress Prize for Colleges and Universities by the Chinese Ministry of   Education, or the other related ministries at the national and provincial   level.

   WNU has established a "Sister University" relationship with more than 20   universities and colleges in more than 10 countries and regions including   Claremont Graduate University (USA), Northwestern University (USA), Christchurch   Polytechnic Institute of Technology (New Zealand), Pai Chai University (Korea),   Kinki University (Japan), Kaya University (Korea), University of Ballarat   (Australia), Amur State University of Humanities and Pedagogy (Russia), and   Minghsin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan). With the cooperation of   Pai Chai University, the Pai Chai Training Center has been set up at WNU, which   has given a number of students chances to study in Korea and Europe.

   For a long time, especially since the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", the   teaching and research teams of the University has played a positive and   important role in academic research, decision consultation, training highly   qualified specialists, serving the economy and society, receiving approval and   praise from all levels of the society. WNU has been granted titles including   Excellent University in Arts Teaching in China, Excellent University in Training   and Testing Mandarin Chinese in China, Model University in Standardization of   Mandarin Chinese in China, Excellent University in Shaanxi, Advanced Institution   in Shaanxi, Provincial Civilized Campus, Provincial Garden-like Campus, and   Campus of Peace in Shaanxi, etc.

               Standing at a new glorious historic   point of departure, the leaders of WNU Party Committees and administrative   authorities are determined to unite as a whole and serve as a guide for all   staff and students, to adhere to the outlook of scientific development, to   stress promotion of connotation, to live up to the school motto "Studying for   Attaining Practical Use, Being Conciliatory but Not Accommodating", to carry   forward the school spirit "Diligence is the Mother of Happiness" to strive for   constructing a comprehensive teaching-research oriented university with the   characteristics of teacher education!

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