Foreign Experts and   Teachers

     Generally, the   qualifications required for the foreign expert positions are native speakers of   the languages offered by the school: English, Japanese, and Korean; a Bachelor   Degree or higher; ages 20 to 60; good mental and physical health; and some   experience teaching one's native language as a second language.

Teaching Tasks
     1) Candidates should arrive   and register at the Department of International Exchanges & Cooperation one   week before a new semester begins.
     2) The average teaching load is 14 - 16   class hours a week.
     3) Candidates are expected to be devoted to the teaching   assignment; submit the semester teaching plan to the employing department before   the new semester begins; and submit a teaching report by the end of a   semester.

Application Process
         To apply for a teaching   position at Weinan Teachers University, the following formalities are   necessary:
         1) Submit a resume (curriculum vitae), 2 letters of   recommendation, and copies of
         passport and the Certificate of Health   Examination for International Traveler.
         2) After confirmation by the   employing department and the department of International Exchanges &   Cooperation, the above-mentioned documents will be submitted to higher   authorities for approval.
         3) After approval, candidates will receive a   confirmation document and Notice of Visa Application, which can be used to apply   for a Chinese work visa at the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate   (General).
         4) After obtaining visas, candidates can make travel   arrangements.

AG捕鱼下载          Application Time: March - June each year to apply for a   position in the fall semester; September - December to apply for a position in   the spring semester.

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