Taking taxi is a safe and easy method of travel for foreign tourists. The flag-fall price of the common taxis is RMB 10. After the initial 3 km, it will charge passenger RMB 1.8 per km. And the waiting time of 5 min will add the fee of per km to passenger’s bill. From 23:00 to 5:00, the extra night subsidy will be charged. If telling the destination is much difficult, just try to have your destination written in Chinese n a piece of paper, which will efficiently simplify your journey.

Taxis always provide convenient transport between one place and another, especially if it is your first trip to Suzhou. Bear in mind that if you’re taking a taxi alone and you can hardly speak Chinese, things can get difficult. Make sure that you have a piece of paper with the destination written in Chinese with you. During the day, taxis charge 10 Yuan for the first 3 kilometers, and an extra 2 Yuan for each Kilometer after that. Between 23:00 and 5:00, taxis charge 3.24 Yuan for each additional Kilometer.
Tel: +86 512 67776777

As economy develops, the number of taxi in Suzhou is growing day by day.Generally, they consist of Santana and Passat and serve consumers day and night. Suzhou Taxi adopts dual charge system which additionally charge 50% of empty-car fare after mileage exceeding 5 km.

Some taxi compannies in Suzhou
Company Address Telephone
Huifeng Auto Leasehold Company Dengwei Road 0512-65305566
Sino-Singapore Suzhou Sufu Taxi Co.,LTD Jinjihu Road 0512-68226186
Datong Auto Leasehold Co.,LTD No.45, Renmin Road 0512-65305566
Joint-venture Suzhou Xinchang Taxi Co. ,LTD Sufu Road 0512-68251783
Gusu Auto Leasehold Company No.95, Wusa Road 0512-65234340
Yuandong Tourism Auto Leasehold Company Renmin Road N. 0512-67294210
Hongfeng Auto Leasehold Tourism Company Liuyuan Road 0512-65325169
Suzhou Auto Leasehold Company No.550, Renmin Road 0512-67272200
Canglang Auto Tourism Leasehold Company No.40, Nanmen Road 0512-65290738
Suzhou Auto Passenger Transport Head Office Liuyuan Road 0512-65337879
Suzhou Public Traffic Company No.64, Renmin Road S. 0512-65252155
Yong’an Auto Leasehold Co.,LTD Sufu Road 0512-68224147
Besides, you can also take rickshaw, Suzhou is the classic Chinese water town and many points of interest are located on narrow streets and alleyways where it is difficult for a bus or a taxi to pass through. Don’t Bicycle parking lotworry. The rickshaws in Suzhou will make your journey more convenient. The starting price of a rickshaw is 2 Yuan per person and then 4 Yuan for every additional kilometer. If you want to hire a rickshaw, the price is 5 Yuan per person for an hour.


Tricycles and Bicycles
Some attractions in Suzhou are located in narrow lanes and cannot be accessed by bus or taxi. Hence, tricycles can be ideal transportation tools. Tricycles charge two Yuan per kilometer. If you want to charter one, it will cost you five Yuan per hour per person. Before getting on a tricycle, you should negotiate the price with the driver so as to avoid disputes at the end of the ride.

If you are looking for a way to escape from noise and crowds, we highly recommend you ride a bicycle through Suzhou’s historic blocks. There are two major bicycle rental spots, one on Shiquan Street, the other near Suzhou Railway Station. Rental fees vary from 15 to 25 Yuan.

Shiquan Street: 20 Yuan/half day; 25 Yuan/day
Suzhou Railway Station: 15 Yuan/day + 150 Yuan deposit


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