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Camera Applications in Ophthalmology

Sensitivity, reproducibility, exact color reproduction and the highest image quality with optimal resolution and speed – all of these are requirements for the imaging component for imaging-based technologies for eye diagnosis and therapy. Application examples are examinations of the anterior and posterior section of the eye using a slit lamp as well as the detailed representation of the fundus with the help of a fundus or OCT camera. There are also applications in modern ophthalmic surgery such as cataract surgery.

Functional Diagnostics

Functional Diagnostics

Digital camera technology forms the basis of many methods for inspecting and diagnosing the eye. These include, among others, fundus copy, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and slit lamp microscopy. Basler cameras offer powerful technology for all applications and yield precise diagnostics. For example, they are used as fundus or OCT cameras. Their digital image capture simplifies documentation, monitoring the course of a disease and the exchange of several doctors with each other.

Therapeutic Methods

In Germany alone, more than 150,000 people opt for laser eye treatment every year. The prospects of being able to live without glasses and contact lenses led to a strong increase in the use of laser procedures, e.g. for the correction of myopia or hyperopia as well as for glaucoma or cataract surgery. In these systems, Basler cameras offer highly reliable support for diagnostics, laser treatment or surgery, as well as progress monitoring.

Suitable Cameras for Functional Diagnostics and Therapeutic Methods

Camera Model Resolution (HxV) Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface Sensor
Basler MED ace 5.1 MP 35 color 2448 px x 2048 px 35 fps Color USB 3.0 IMX264
Basler MED ace 5.1 MP 75 color 2448 px x 2048 px 75 fps Color USB 3.0 IMX250
Basler MED ace 6.4 MP 59 color 3088 px x 2064 px 59 fps Color USB 3.0 IMX178
Basler MED ace 12.3 MP 23 color 4096 px x 3000 px 23 fps Color USB 3.0 IMX304
Basler MED ace 12.3 MP 30 color 4096 px x 3000 px 30 fps Color USB 3.0 IMX253
Basler MED ace 20.0 MP 17 color 5472 px x 3648 px 17 fps Color USB 3.0 IMX183

In addition to our Basler MED ace cameras, the cameras in our Basler dart series are suitable for applications in the area of ophthalmology.

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Color Calibration in Medical Technology

Color Calibration in Medical Technology

In ophthalmology, images – for example of the retina – contribute to the diagnostic process. Color reproduction is important to distinguish between healthy and pathological structures. Color fidelity is therefore essential.

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More Fields of Application from Medical & Life Sciences

Lab Equipment and Automation

Lab Equipment and Automation

Basler cameras are suitable for process automation, quality control or bio-imaging. Why? They stand for reliable analysis and high sample throughput. Because they are fast, accurate and produce reproducible images of the highest quality.

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High image quality in real time with excellent color reproduction and a high dynamic range – requirements that are placed on cameras for conventional light as well as fluorescence microscopy applications. Our Basler cameras do all of these.

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Further Applications

Further Applications

Thanks to the best image quality, high resolution and high speed, Basler cameras are suitable for a wide variety of applications. These include, among others, dermatology, imaging procedures in surgery, motion analysis or dentistry.

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