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pylon Camera Software Suite

Easy Image Acquisition and Camera Control for Your Applications

Always the right choice to connect Basler cameras

Always the Right Choice to Connect Basler Cameras

Connecting your vision applications with Basler cameras requires the right software in place.

The Basler pylon Camera Software Suite consists of reliable, certified drivers for all kinds of camera interfaces, a powerful and easy programming interface, and a comprehensive set of tools for camera set-up.

It is available in versions for Windows, Linux, Linux ARM, MacOS, and Android.

Powerful tools for camera set-up

Powerful Tools for Camera Set-Up

Basler’s pylon provides you with a rich set of powerful tools for getting the best image out of your Basler camera, such as Vignetting Correction, Sharpness Indicator, Bandwidth Manager and many more.

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Easy to learn, faster results

Easy to Learn, Faster Results

With the easy-to-learn pylon APIs and context-related developer documentation, even pylon beginners can become productive right away.

The simple structure of the pylon APIs leads to fast development results, leaving the developers more time for other things.

Basler’s pylon Camera Software Suite includes APIs for C++, VB.Net, C#, C, and Java.

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Benefits of the pylon API

Certified drivers, reliable performance

Certified Drivers, Reliable Performance

Tried and trusted thousands of times, certified, and the performance speak for the stability of the pylon drivers, which have been optimized continuously for many years.

In comparison studies, pylon demonstrated an outstanding performance with regard to latency and jitter, making pylon suitable for stable image acquisition even in real-time applications.

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Components of the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite

Basler’s pylon consists of three components: SDKs for integration into application software, configuration tools for evaluating and setting-up cameras, and drivers and GenTL producers for reliable connectivity.

pylon SDKs

pylon SDKs

The pylon SDKs provide easy-to-learn APIs in most common programming languages, beginner friendly for fastest productivity.

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pylon Viewer

pylon Viewer

Easy camera evaluation and powerful tools for getting the best image out of your camera – Vignetting Correction, Sharpness, Bandwidth Manager and more.

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pylon drivers & GenTL

pylon drivers & GenTL

Stable, certified drivers for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android, and easy interfacing via Gen<I>Cam and GenTL. Outstanding performance for your application.

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pylon vTools

pylon vTools

Easy creation of high-performance image processing functions for your applications. Structure recognition, object positioning or robust code recognition - perfectly matched to Basler's camera portfolio.

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Download pylon for your operating system

The pylon camera software suite is free software that can be installed and used right after downloading.

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pylon OS Versions and their Features

Basler´s pylon Camera Software Suite interface for Python

Basler´s pylon Camera Software Suite interface for Python

pypylon is an open source wrapper interface for the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite. It lets beginners and experienced Python programmers efficiently develop prototype applications and test Basler cameras without a complex development environment. Your benefits: faster camera evaluation, productive programming and reduced project costs.

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pylon Camera Driver for Robot Operating System (ROS)

pylon Camera Driver for Robot Operating System (ROS)

With the pylon camera driver for the Robot Operating System (ROS), you can develop robot applications, such as for logistics in Industry 4.0, using Basler GigE and USB 3.0 cameras in the process. ROS is an open source framework with development tools, algorithms and drivers for a variety of robot platforms.

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pylon News

Basler pylon vTools: Image Processing Modules for the New pylon 7

Intelligent structure recognition, precise object positioning or robust code recognition: design, test and flexibly integrate into your own application in one go with camera control and image acquisition! Always perfectly matched to Basler's camera portfolio. Test it now free of charge!

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New pylon version 6.3 with multi-channel CXP-12 support!

The new pylon 6.3.0 for Windows and Linux comes to empower the use of new boost cameras with 2 x CXP-12 interface. In combination with the new CXP-12 Interface Cards 2C/4C offering 2 and 4 channels, pylon enables the smooth and easy realization of multi-camera CXP applications now.

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A New Dimension for pylon

One software suite for all Basler cameras, true to the motto "one fits all": now Basler's 3D cameras can also benefit from all the advantages of the popular Basler pylon Camera Software Suite.

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pylon Release 6.2.0 Supports New Basler boost Camera Models

Our pylon Camera Software Suite is now available in its new version for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Effective immediately, this release offers support primarily for the new Basler boost camera models.

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Basler Cameras for Android Applications

Thanks to the Basler pylon software, the Basler computer vision portfolio can now also be used for applications on Android systems.

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pylon for macOS - Now in the new version 6.1.2

The new pylon release for macOS offers several new features. We’ll present an overview. Basler's popular pylon Camera Software Suite for macOS is now available in the new version 6.1.2. This version provides users with a number of features that were previously only available in the Windows and Linux versions. The new version also runs under macOS Catalina (10.15).

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Compression Beyond and More with the pylon Camera Software Suite 6.1

The new pylon 6.1 release is available now. It includes Compression Beyond for image compression on ace 2 Pro cameras, support of CoaXPress 2.0 for Linux x86 and an improved Features pane in the pylon Viewer.

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